I greatly admire the faithful who attended Mass last Saturday and Sunday. It was a real physical presence that communicated parish unity which felt lost during the pandemic The streaming of the Mass live on Sunday has made some people feel all is not lost. I am also grateful for you contributions by mail and electronic methods. We all hold out hope to an end to social distancing and isolation from our normal life.

Religion gives us the faith that God will make things right in the end. It is important that we do
right in the meantime. We will always need the help of our neighbors and our families to
experience unity and the love of God through the Holy Spirit.

Beginning tomorrow, we will hold Masses on weekdays at 8:00am. If you choose to attend, please follow all the guidelines that are required for attending Mass.  Thank you for your support.

Sincerely yours,
Monsignor Patrick E. Sweeney

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