We invite you to worship with us

Saturday @ 4pm & Sunday @ 9am, 11am

Dear Parishioners,

As COVID-19 protocol is now gradually coming to an end, we would like to welcome you back to full participation in the parish!

Since March of 2020, our events and activities were restricted in order to keep our parishioners safe in the wake of the pandemic. Now, we are at a point where we can come together once again as a community of faith.

Come Celebrate July 4th!

Our first social event in over a year will be an indoor picnic this Saturday, July 3rd in celebration of July 4th. There will be a Mass at 4 P.M. and the picnic will be held directly afterwards in the parish hall. We will be providing Wawa boxed lunches for all attendees. We invite all to come and celebrate with friends and fellow parishioners. 

If you are able to volunteer for this event, we could certainly use your help. We will need to set up tables as well as organize the parish hall. We have missed you all dearly over the past year, and we look forward to working as one in Christ once again. 



Currently, you are only able to enter the church parking lot through Fowler Street. It is under construction, but is still accessible to the public. We understand the difficulty that this construction poses, and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

We appreciate your willingness in the past year to change how you practiced your faith. Although it is still not a matter of obligation for you to attend Mass in person, we feel it is safe for you to return. We would love to see you again at Mass and in community if you are able.



Monsignor Patrick Sweeney