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Saturday @ 4pm & Sunday @ 9am, 11am

Mission of Sacred Music

Our music program strives to encourage the ongoing inspiration of our parishioners through the power of sacred music.

Our Music Program

Sacred music at Holy Family Parish is one of the most important aspects of the sacred liturgy. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our program, and our objectives are to encourage the “full, conscious and active participation” of the faithful, respect and utilize the rich treasury of sacred music found throughout the Church’s history, and enrich the dignified celebration of the Eucharist. All of our work is oriented towards the true purpose of sacred music: “the glory of God and the sanctification of the faithful.”

During all weekend and Holy Day Masses, we have talented cantors and organists leading the congregation in praise of God. During the most sacred celebrations, most notably Easter and Christmas, highly esteemed vocalists and instrumentalists from the Philadelphia region often assist in elevating the liturgy and ensuring that these celebrations are especially dignified. Our musicians personally strive to serve the Church through their talents, and to fulfill the mission of our program through their work.

One of the crown jewels of Holy Family Parish is our historic Hook & Hastings Pipe Organ. Chartered on April 3, 1903 by a committee of Holy Family parishioners, our pipe organ serves as the foundation for the sound of our liturgies. Our organ is capable of producing music to stir the hearts of the congregation to a resolute commitment to Jesus Christ.

Our organists are committed to serving the faithful with a dignified performance of sacred music. They prepare and perform works of music from a repertoire spanning over five centuries and originating from composers around the world. Their music enriches the experience of all who worship at Holy Family Parish.

Any singers or instrumental musicians that would like to inquire about our music program are encouraged to do so by emailing music@holyfamilychurch.org.

Our weekend worship aid, which includes our music,  is accessible to view below.