We invite you to worship with us

Saturday @ 4pm & Sunday @ 9am, 11am

Jesus is Risen Alleluia!

Dear Parishioners:

Finally, we have arrived.  Easter has come.  The Lord has risen.  It could have been signaled by new clothes or a table full of candy.  It is certainly not the only way to keep Easter special. There is something that is of a spiritual entity that can’t be seen.  Faith is a truth that is abstract.  They demand trust as all virtues do.  Faith is the pure gift of God.  It is the good for which we are pre-programed to seek.  Everyone should be glad to hear that evil has been destroyed by the Resurrection of Our Lord.  Death is a manifestation of sin.  It is the lack of any spiritual light or life.  If Christ is not risen, then we have no hope of life after our earthly journey.  Our glory is a sharing in Christ’s glorious journey.  Our glory is a sharing in Christ’s glorious resurrection.  Life is too short to say that we don’t have a plan for the future. Joyful people rejoice because they have hope for the future.  With God we have everything that we need.